Whilst all Search Consultants are known (and highly valued) for the relationships they build and the insight in regards to the client businesses they have, psychometric testing can give you another dimension of understanding when used at the shortlist stage.

How psychometric testing aids recruitment decisions

Psychometric testing can measure a number of attributes including aptitude, motivation and personality profile. An interview process can be fairly subjective and although search consultants will normally assess skills and experience fairly accurately, much can still be left to gut instinct regarding aligned values.

A psychometric test aims to provide measurable, objective data that can provide a better all-round view of a candidate’s suitability. It could be argued that psychometric testing offers some ‘scientific’ credibility and objectivity to the process of recruiting. It perhaps provides a more fair and accurate way of assessing a candidate.

It looks very closely at:

  • An individual’s personality, what are their true preferences in the way they work and what would they rather avoid
  • What are their inner drivers and what switches them off
  • How do they cope under pressure and what changes would people see in terms of their behaviour
  • What is their true aptitude or ability in certain areas (such as making decisions using disparate information under the pressure of time).

When you have this insight, you uncover areas you may not have considered, and it may well go against your gut when thinking of making a hire. This is because it helps you avoids the ‘halo and horn effect’ (a cognitive bias when judging others which can be influenced by an overall positive or negative impression about that person).

Therefore it provides a consistent approach to your recruitment. It’s obviously critical that the hire will ‘fit’ into your team and culture, and this process can help uncover that.

It sends a very strong message to potential candidates, if you are willing to invest the time (and money) in really getting to know them before they (potentially) join your organisation then they are even more committed before they walk through your door.

Cost of getting it wrong –  you don’t really need reminding that the senior hires you make are critical to the success of your business, and making a wrong hire can be a very expensive mistake (not just in the monetary sense but also the precious time wasted).

Finally, it helps you fully understand a person’s foibles and knowing this can help you help them, land as quickly and quietly as possible. By knowing what support someone may need in their first 100 days it will make it easier for the current team in place as well as for the newly appointed leader.

Do you require assistance with incorporating psychometric assessments and talent mapping in your business? Contact us today and let us help you maximise the opportunity for growth.