When it comes to succeeding in an executive role such as team leader, there are many traits that enable you to excel at your job and lead your peers with gravitas, sincerity, and respect. Many of these skills are synonymous with leadership, such as empathy, great social skills, and the ability to motivate yourself and those surrounding you.

However, one of the lesser-known skills that make for an excellent executive is self-regulation. But what is self-regulation, and why is it essential to succeed as a leader?

What is self-regulation?

In leadership terms, self-regulation is a form of emotional intelligence. It is an attribute that allows an individual to control their responses to situations and people, resulting in the avoidance of outbursts and rash decisions, as well as exhibiting predictable and calming behaviour to your colleagues.

Why is self-regulation important for any good leader?

Though we’ve touched on it briefly already, let’s expand on some of the reasons why any good leader boasts excellent self-regulation.

– No snap judgements. A good leader takes their time to deliberate on any decisions, acting primarily on logic and well-honed instinct. Without self-regulation, you’re likely to let emotion rule you, resulting in snap judgements that lead to regret and misfortune either short or long term.

– Great evaluatory skills. Self-regulation allows you to focus on yourself and the company objectively, with a firm focus on what will make the company thrive. This means you’ll be able to evaluate effectively; this could mean the evaluation of yourself, your peers, of how well targets have been met, and more.

– Improved leadership. At the heart of it all, to be a good leader you need to be able to lead. Self-regulation allows you to draw boundaries but also be empathetic, distinguishing what must be prioritised when and for what reason.

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