Self-awareness is all about being mindful of your emotional state and how you respond to external factors. Exceptional leadership, when developed through our premium executive coaching services, showcases heightened emotional intelligence and stronger working relationships with teammates.

Strive for personal growth

A leader never stops learning to be the best they can be, and improvement requires knowing where you fall short. Self-awareness demands you to understand your strengths and weaknesses as a leader and in a team. Executive coaching can help you identify where you need to ask for help. For example, if you’re a confident public speaker, you may have no problem preparing a presentation. Yet, if it isn’t your strong suit, then knowing to ask for help will benefit both you and the team.

Develop emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence requires self-awareness for you to understand how to use and manage your emotions. Being a self-aware leader includes knowing your emotional triggers, identifying when you need to take a breather, and having empathy towards your teammates. A great leader is curious about new people and open-minded as to what they have to offer, making them an outstanding team player and manager of the group’s overall vision.

Trust your intuition

Successful leaders know when to listen to their instincts, those gut feelings that make the foundations of executives. Our intuition comes from our evolutionary origins depending on the survival of the fittest; it’s a natural part of who we are. Self-awareness is vital in knowing when to trust that intuition and when to distinguish it from impulsive decisions driven my extreme emotions like fear. Executive coaching can help you reflect on your practices and get back in touch with your leadership instincts, making your confidence in your inherent skills.

How executive coaching can help

If developing your self-awareness as a leader is something you’re enthusiastic about, then executive coaching is for you. Founded by a master executive performance coach, Tony Gregg, The Anthony Gregg Partnership has offered exceptional retail coaching since 2003. Based in London, we offer the level of experience and knowledge your role requires.

Unlock your potential by hiring your very own executive coach, helping you clarify your goals, gain self-awareness and achieve your developed objectives. Following Tony Gregg’s approach, we don’t work to ‘one-size fits all’; we tailor our services to building your skills. For more information, visit our website and begin your coaching journey.