When it comes to operating successfully at the highest levels of retail management as an executive, there are some common challenges that you may come across. While it may be possible to move into the arena of retail executive management without being up to speed on these, you may well find it a struggle to excel.

But what are the challenges that may arise for you as an executive?

1. Leap in leadership skills

Of course, when you move into the upper reaches of management, leadership is an essential skill to possess. In all probability, it is something you will have developed anyway on the rise upwards in your career. It must be remembered though that leading at an executive level is different than leading a team. At the executive level, you are responsible for driving the whole organisation forward and setting the direction everyone will move in. This can be a big change for some that needs to be overcome.

2. Not knowing what to do

A very common challenge many will face as a retail executive is not knowing what to do! It may surprise you then that many successful executives have built their careers on advice from mentors to address this. In these instances, it is vital to listen and take any good advice on board. This will help you overcome the challenge of not knowing what to do in a situation you have not experienced before.

3. Change

If there is one thing you will definitely have to face it is change! The retail industry is constantly changing due to the demands of customers on your business and the economic landscape in which you operate. This has been seen in the supermarket sector recently where the so-called budget supermarkets have risen in popularity with the public, presenting a challenge to the others. Reacting to changes like this in a way that manages them effectively is key.

4. Losing touch with your customers

Being an executive can sometimes see you in lots of high-level meetings with other management figures. While this is naturally essential, you should also remember to take time to speak to customers directly on the shop floor. This will give you an insight into what they like, what they don’t like and where the business should be heading next.

If you can master the above, then the retail sector provides superb opportunities for the right person to thrive in. If you are looking for that fresh retail executive challenge then get in touch with the Anthony Gregg Partnership to see how we can help.