What is Metacognitive Awareness?

What Is Metacognition?

Metacognition is essentially an awareness of one’s own cognitive processes. This is the single, most powerful tool for effective reasoning, learning and problem-solving. It often refers to the ability to reflect upon the task demand and independently select and employ the appropriate reading, writing, math or learning strategy.


So Why Is It Important?

Metacognition is an imperative aspect of learning, no matter what the age. It involves self-regulation, reflection upon an individual’s performance strengths, weaknesses, learning and study strategies. This is the foundation upon which learners or students or even professionals become truly independent readers and writers as one example. Metacognition can also underlie the student’s abilities to generalise math problem-solving strategies.

To Know Thyself and How To Harness My Learning Power

If you wish to retain your staff, then you need to make the most of them individually. Everybody is different, and everyone has something valuable to offer. If you look to train your staff, you traditionally look to ability, prior knowledge and motivation. There is a factor however which is commonly overlooked or missed. This is metacognition.
Although it sounds very academic or perhaps complicated, it isn’t. Knowing how to teach people in the right way is the key to unlocking the very best out of any individual; some people learn better than others or rather in different ways than others. Intelligence does not explain the difference. A good learner cannot explain how they do it but they have simply just figured out how to learn. They have acquired a set of skills that the experts call metacognition (which by definition means “beyond knowledge”).

There are five isolated metacognitive skills, and these are planning, tuning, selecting, connecting and monitoring. With our assistance and guidance, we can help you apply these strategies for your organisation’s training, and you will improve retention and, ultimately, results.
We go further to encourage an interplay between optimism and metacognition within the workplace. The core meaning of metacognition is “thinking about thinking”, or rather simply put mindfulness. This affects the basic cognitive process. Get in touch with us today to discuss this in more detail and learn how we can help you apply this within your organisation today.