The path to becoming a retail executive has granted you an array of market-leading skills in everything from finance and business management to communications and people management, but to get to the top it takes more than that – it takes a special edge. That extra step to the next level can’t always be learned in the field, which is where executive coaching comes in – helping you take that next step from great to world-leading. Here’s how.

Helping you talk the talk, and walk the walk

They say you never stop learning, and that goes for everyone in the business – from the newest employee to the most senior manager. At the highest levels of retail, you’ll be expected to do more than follow orders and chase objectives, you’ll have to coach others at your peer level and even people more senior than you. Our Director, Tony Gregg, has constructed a coaching course that is perfect for getting you into the zone for giving useful, authoritative advice and leadership to people in your company in a way that changes behaviour and gets results.

Bettering yourself

One of the most valuable skills anyone can have is enough self-awareness to critique their own behaviour and approaches in order to make them better. Executive coaching gives leaders the tools to be able to decide how their approaches are working, and to refine or even change them if they can be improved. Not only can this avoid negative outcomes, but it can also go a long way to establishing you as a leader worthy of respect.

Seeing more

It’s hard to truly put yourself in someone else’s shoes, but it can be very useful to see how other people view situations and problems to help find solutions and improve communications. Executive coaching can give you the tools to make that leap, and enable you to be truly empathetic with people who work for you and your leadership peers, which can help build trust and establish synergies.

The right path

Here’s a secret: Executive coaching can’t give you all the answers! Becoming a great leader requires years of experience and lessons you can only learn yourself, but what executive coaching can do is to give you the power to set your own development path that is paced properly and sustainable. You’ll learn how to grow and improve as a retail leader in the best way to help you advance your career and achieve your goals.