A well put together resume is essential if you’re going to catch the eye of potential recruiters and secure an interview. If you write your CV correctly with SEO in mind, you have a greatly improved chance of being spotted by executive recruiters.

Here are some helpful tips that will help you optimise your CV for SEO and greatly increase your chances of being picked out by executive recruiters.

Use synonyms

These days most executive recruitment agencies use software tools to look for a specific word in applicants’ CVs. The key word could appear in isolation or in a phrased combination, for example. Therefore, a simple omission or the wrong terminology could result in your CV being passed over.

The solution to this problem is fairly straightforward. Always include the key words in the title of the role you want numerous times in your CV, together with any other words that could be applicable to your primary skillset.

Make your CV industry-specific

Many CV searches will also look for particular industry experience and skills. If you work within a specific industry that uses its own jargon, make sure you include this in your CV.

Whenever you apply for a job, bear in mind that its title may be slightly different, so you might have to adjust your CV accordingly in order to get caught in the CV search net.

Expand on specifics

When including industry specific experience, you need to expand on this too in order to underline your knowledge and also to keep you front and centre in CV searches.

Don’t be coy! If you’re an expert in a particular aspect of retail management within your industry sector, then say so.

Use the spell-checker!

Always take the time to read over your CV a few times, and look for typos in all your job-related correspondence. This is especially important when it comes to being picked up on the CV search radar. CV search, like everything in the digital world, is automatic, and it will overlook your CV if it simply can’t recognise the text it contains.

When finalising your CV in your search for an executive position, be sure to apply these tips, and you can be confident that you’ll get noticed by executive recruiters. It’s not just about having the best skill set for the job, you must also make sure that you get noticed by the right people.

Resume – Glasses by flazingo_photos licensed under Creative commons 5