Creating and developing a vision statement is one of the most important things a business can invest its time in. Defining where you want your company to head towards gives you direction as a leader and the ability to motivate and inspire the team beneath you to work together each day towards your shared goal. Your vision should be succinct and clear to help your whole company understand it and enable it to be shared consistently without room for misinterpretation throughout your team. Your company vision should drive every decision and activity that’s undertaken within the business – once this happens, you know you’ve successfully managed to inspire your team. Below we’ve highlighted how you can use your vision to inspire your team.

Make it clear

When you set out to write your vision statement, you want to make it exciting and inspiring so it’s something to aspire towards. You should ensure the words you use are impactful and understandable by the whole business so that your end goal is clear to everyone working towards it.


Once you have defined and created an inspiring, impactful vision statement that resonates at every level of your company, you need to communicate it to everyone you need to understand it. Don’t just print it on notices, or email it out – verbally speak it in a presentation and regularly talk about it. Encourage your management team to raise it in their meetings and in the one-to-one meetings they have with their teams. This way, your vision will be communicated and digested at every level of your business.

Make it relevant

Your vision statement can evolve over time and should do to make it relevant to the situation the company finds itself in. Nike’s statement in the 1960’s was ‘to crush Adidas’ – at the time, the key goal for the organisation. As times change, technology advances and opportunities arise ensure your vision statement remains inspiring, so your team feel motivated by something to work towards, a goal they are working to achieving in future.

You also need to support your management team in ensuring your vision statement can be made relevant for the individuals they manage each day. By highlighting to your employees how their job roles and day-to-day activity and decisions can help to achieve the company vision, you’ll be making the statement far more relevant to the people who are going to help you achieve it.

Nike by daniel.julia licensed under Creative commons 5