UK retail staff were paid less in 2016, new figures show. Average salaries paid to retail staff in the year leading up to November 2016 have fallen, according to a report by Adzuna.

Though the overall quantity of vacancies advertised across all sectors had actually increased, the prospected salaries of those looking for work took a financial hit, amounting to fewer than 3%.

However – it’s those in the retail sector who have been hit hardest – with noticed falls in average rates of pay as high as 17.4%. This means the average retail salary has now fallen from £25,557 to £21,769, just shy of four-thousand less a year.

Adzuna says the significant drop in pay is down to the increase in low-paid temporary jobs, which appear more in seasonal periods such as Christmas, due to the rise in spending.

They also went on to say that the job market had fared well despite the current political and economic climate, but despite this, it would be too early to declare the current jobs market a success due to the fall in salaries across a number of sectors including retail.

Other areas with drops in salaries include consultancy (down 16.4%) and customer service jobs (down 11.3%).

It’s feared that vacancies and their salaries will suffer further stagnation due to Brexit and its impending actions – though nothing can be confirmed until the process of Britain leaving the EU is clearer.

It’s not all doom and gloom for jobseekers though, as competition for the number of advertised vacancies versus people looking for work has dropped.

Competition for vacancies was at an all time low in November with an average of just 0.43 jobseekers per vacancy – a significant fall. However, Adzuna said that Cambridge was the best place to find work, with 10 vacancies versus every job seeker, and Sunderland the worst, with 3.48 job seekers for each vacancy advertised.

Adzuna’s report comes just days after an Institute of Public Policy Research (IPPR) report predicted that the UK will see significant job losses in the 2020s and over two million jobs in retail will disappear by 2030. Both reports continue to cast doubt over the future of the UK outside of the EU, as the Article 50 deadline looms.

In the three months leading up to October 2016, the number of people classed as unemployed decreased by 16,000 to 1.62 million, but the rate stays at 4.8%.

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