Leadership is a role that takes a certain type of person with qualities that allow them to guide other people effectively. If you have ever had to get behind a bad leader, whether at work or somewhere else, you will know that not everyone is cut out for a leadership position. 

Some people are born with these qualities, whilst others have to work hard to develop them. One thing is for certain though, anybody can become a great leader. The first step is to cultivate some key traits and attributes which will go a long way to having others accept you in a position of authority.

Here are the top 4 qualities effective leaders should possess:

1. Honesty

Nobody likes to be lied to, no matter the reason. Great leadership requires unwavering honesty and fortitude, even if it means sometimes having to have a tough conversation. Getting caught in a lie is simply a great way to lose your authority. Even if it means giving bad news or holding your hand up and taking the blame occasionally, people will always respect your honesty and transparency.

2. Confidence

People look to leaders to emit confidence and be a source of inspiration, even in the toughest times. If you can’t convey confidence no matter what then people will start to panic. For example, if a business has hit a tough spot, a great leader will address the situation and sooth any worries by showing confidence that it’s simply a rough patch and nothing more.

3. Communication

It’s absolutely essential in leadership that you are able to effectively and concisely communicate what it is you want people to do. Often, bad leaders will fall down by not being clear on what it is they want to achieve and blaming those below them for not being able to understand. If you’re unsure about whether you have been clear in your communications it’s always worth asking a trusted member of the team for their honest feedback.

4. Delegation

It can be tough to let go of some things and allow somebody else to take control. However, although it’s admirable to want to do as much of the work as possible yourself, it can leave the rest of the team feeling useless. Learn how to delegate effectively and choose people for jobs based on their own strengths and attributes. You will often find that they thrive after being trusted and exceed your expectations. Be careful not to micro-manage once you have though!

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