Finding talent to fill positions at the top level of a retail business can be challenging in today’s competitive market. The specialised nature of these roles means there is a relatively small number of suitable candidates to fill available positions. Therefore, it’s important to bear in mind a number of key considerations throughout the retail executive search process to make sure that your business attracts top retail industry talent. 

Make it personal

Recruitment is a two-way process – the person being considered needs to carefully decide whether the position will be a good fit for them and align with their own career development. Rather than focusing exclusively on how the candidate will benefit the company, consider how the role can meet their individual needs and above all, listen to what they are looking to accomplish with their next role. Not everybody is driven by the same goals and objectives – for some, the remuneration package, perks and benefits will be the biggest determining factor, whereas others will be motivated by finding a new challenge and the opportunity to make their mark on a business. Demonstrating a willingness to get to know a candidate will go a long way in communicating why your company is the best fit for them and why they should choose you above a competitor.

Communicate the company’s vision

Employees are the best ambassadors for a company. Executive level employees are responsible for shaping and driving forward the vision of a brand, therefore it’s important to make sure that new hires have an implicit understanding of the company’s values and know what it is working to achieve in the short and long-term and how it plans on achieving these objectives. It’s well established that employees are at their productive best when they feel connected to their organisation’s goals, so it’s essential to make sure they know what these are early in the process.

Get the timing right and be transparent

Whilst it’s undoubtedly important to take the necessary time to hire someone who is the right fit for your company, once you’re sure you’ve found a suitable candidate it’s crucial to move quickly. Top talent doesn’t remain available for long and by stalling in making a decision you run the risk of the candidate losing interest and moving forward with other opportunities. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that a candidate isn’t interviewing elsewhere and establish a culture of transparency from the outset.