Owners of retail businesses are constantly looking for ways to become leading brands. And to become a leading brand, you need to look out for top talent. A marketing executive is a valuable member of your team, but you need to make sure they understand the value of customer satisfaction in the services or goods offered.

Therefore, during your search for a marketing executive, there are qualities to look out for in a prospective candidate. These include:

1. Being inventive and having great communication skills

Service and good delivery is a team effort. Therefore, it is a necessity for marketing executives to work harmoniously and lead a team in delivering quality work.

One of the important roles of a marketing executive is to be the link connecting all stakeholders. Each stakeholder will have different requirements which have to be met. For example, they have to take care of customers’ needs for quality delivery and at the same time ensure the business is making a profit. To do all this and guarantee all-round satisfaction, the marketing exec needs to come up with and implement inventive communication solutions.

2. Great planning

Securing sponsorships, organising marketing events, arranging media advertising and many other jobs require effective planning. This planning involves having money, time and personnel at their disposal. For this reason, a marketing exec must be a great planner. Apart from planning, they need to be able to communicate the strategies they create with both senior and junior employees effectively.

3. Finding new markets and promoting their products

Entering new markets requires a lot of research and dedication. The retail sector constantly has new products and services to deliver, and the frequency at which these products hit the market is high. Therefore, marketing executives will need to be able to identify what their customers want and effectively market new services and offers to them.

4. Improve brand value

The ultimate goal of a retail business is to be the preferred customer brand. This necessitates every team member to work with the motive of improving their brand’s value.

Creating value should involve the following: first, always ensure that communication is effective. Second, gain customers’ trust and confidence in your products. And finally, marketing execs need to ensure that your business is up to date with the market trends and make any necessary changes based on these for your customers.

Recruiting the right individuals for a retail brand is a basic necessity. Marketing is one such critical department that needs to be handled correctly. Therefore, your retail executive search should focus on finding candidates with the qualities listed above.