Thinking differently about hiring can yield richer rewards, and there is much to gain from creating a welcoming environment. If we all approach the hiring and development processes in the same way, the size of the talent pool will decrease consistently. Perhaps it’s time for a more adventurous look that thinks outside the box?

Talent transfers

Sports can be a great source of inspiration, and the concept of ‘talent transfer potential’ is worth exploring. For example, transferable skills between one sport and another, like developing an elite football player into an Olympic Ski Jumper, can diversify an individual’s value by nurturing their talents. Lack of knowledge or skill shouldn’t be a barrier – after all, that’s what training is for.

Increasing engagement

A business will be more able to attract and retain top talent if it has a positive culture that nurtures strong engagement. This is particularly true in the modern climate, where the reputation of business is in trying times.

A number of recent scandals, tax avoidance allegations and a lack of prosecutions in the financial services community following the financial crash have made headline news. It paints an ugly picture of corporate culture and values that impacts even a company’s retail executive search. People want to see transparency from their leadership, and they value openness and inclusion in the workplace – the balance between opinion and values needs to be redressed.

Listen to the people

The best corporations and retail outlets value the thoughts and opinions of their staff. They are the best resource to find out how your culture is viewed, and what staff need to get the best out of themselves. Learning these things can enable you to implement things to make staff happier in their work, generating a positive culture that will attract more applicants in your retail executive search.

The most successful businesses and entrepreneurs show how a positive culture within the company is the right way to go. If the people who already work for you are proud to be employed by you, they will put more of their heart and soul into their work. And by pushing your existing staff to diversify their skills and excel in areas they hadn’t previously considered, you will nurture respect and loyalty that simply can’t be bought. Turning a business into a force for good is actually good business sense, and when your company has a good reputation you will attract quality talent in your retail executive search.