Leaders in business, such as HR Directors and Retail Executives, have many responsibilities on their plate and the same amount of hours in a day as the rest of us. With the pressure to not only maintain control of the company and their workload but also to rise up and challenge themselves throughout the day, leaders need to ensure mental strength and build confidence.

Here are four ways they can achieve success with the psychology of a confident leader:

1. Maintain a well-balanced lifestyle

Those who are most successful in their work also feel successful in other areas of their life. While most people believe that you must focus all of your energy on work and make sacrifices in your personal life to rise through the ranks and be the top dog, this is simply not true. Maintaining good physical health can give you an ego boost – when you’re looking good, you’re feeling good. Staying on top of personal relationships gives an insight into understanding people and this can never hurt when your job description states that you’re in charge of many individuals.

2. Visualise a goal and create a plan

Anybody who has ever accomplished anything big knows that having a clear plan and sticking to mini-goals helps achieve anything. This is a common leadership practice. Knowing what you should be doing for a project each step of the way builds confidence in yourself (as well as your team). Reassess along the way to maintain a high level of confidence. Knowing that the knowledge of success is on the horizon and within reach builds faith in your ability to reach your goal.

3. Choose your battles

The truth of the matter is, HR Directors and Retail Executives get to their positions because they know which battles to fight and where to direct their attention. Being at the top means you have a team of people under you to support you and take on responsibilities that, quite frankly, do not need your attention. Know which battles to fight yourself and which tasks to take personal responsibility for, and which to delegate to others. This, in turn, will ease stress and build up the confidence in your team.

4. Be aware of body language

Have you ever heard the expression, “Fake it ’til you make it”? It’s not wrong. The most powerful thing about leaders is that they hardly take a day off, even on their worst days. Smiling and good posture is required to appear confident, which can be difficult when ill or mentally fatigued. But great leaders do not let that smile slip and always remember to “power pose.” And eventually, they feel the way they look because psychology works like that.