For most people, the last two to three months have been confusing, concerning and filled with doubts over what the future will hold. These feelings also pervade throughout the business world; companies are figuring out how best to proceed in this drastically altered environment and contemplating whether the changes they introduce will be temporary or permanent.

To this end, executive retail coaching is absolutely vital, but what exactly must all retailers and managers be aware of as we move into this unprecedented and unique retail landscape? What must be considered, how will employee approaches and methods have to change, and what are customers going to expect from their shopping experience?

1. Increased levels of self-awareness

Self-awareness has also been an essential for retail executives. It has always been vital for those working in retail to understand and acknowledge what consumers want and expect, how those demands can be met, and what can be done within the business to perform as efficiently and effectively as possible.

In the wake of COVID-19, retailers are going to have to be more self-aware than ever before; it is going to be absolutely crucial to create a shopping environment that makes customers feel safe and ensures they know all possible steps are being taken to put their health and wellbeing at the top of the agenda.

One of the core elements of executive coaching is aiding with self-awareness, and this is something that will only become more beneficial throughout retail in the coming months.

2. Enhanced leadership skills

There is, of course, never a bad time to develop more nuanced and effective leadership skills, but in the coming months, when it is likely that vital business decisions will have to be taken – and then implemented – very quickly, being confident in one’s leadership abilities has never been more vital.

This is another central tenet in the executive coaching repertoire. The companies that succeed in this quickly evolving landscape will be those which are able to rely upon their leaders.

3. Superior social skills

Something else that is going to be vital going forwards – and is intrinsically linked to the previous two points – is the need to improve social skills. Customers are going to be, to some extent, looking for assurances from the retailers that they interact with, and to this extent superior social skills will be vital. Retail executives will need to be adept at developing, processing and distributing messages to employees, and the clearer and more concise this messaging, the better life will be both for the business and the consumer.

The retail environment is changing by the day, and in order to thrive going forwards, it is going to be absolutely essential to develop the skills, mentality and approach that will reap both short- and long-term rewards. Investing in executive coaching has never been more vital.