Your business’ future leaders are vital to your success. Yet when running retail executive recruitment drives, there are often numerous mistakes made that can mean you’re hiring the wrong person. A bad executive hire can be a significant financial burden on your business. Therefore, minimising mistakes should be a priority.

Here are four of the biggest mistakes made during retail executive searches and what you can do about them.

1. Confusing activity and productivity

When you start with retail executive recruitment, it can be very challenging not to stare at the numbers of past jobs. But while these are good indicators of someone’s past successes, they will rarely give you a complete picture of their suitability for your brand.

Instead, when starting out with retail executive recruitment, you should be picking up the phone and speaking to potential hires. Don’t be too analytical: most candidates don’t highlight negatives on a CV, anyway. Culture and ethical values are far more important in business, and these are very rarely visible on a CV.

2. Being excessively rigid in your recruitment process

When you stick to one recruitment process, you could be missing out on some of the best hires available. Some candidates might like you to cold call, while others may find it irritating. Different positions in your executive team might also require different strategies.

You need to look at the position, industry, and the current market as well as research candidates you want to attract to develop a proper schedule. It will require flexible processes, but it will yield better results in the end.

3. Ghosting candidates

Ghosting is when you’ve reached out to candidates in the past but are now ignoring their communications. Ghosting is common for both applicants and recruiters, yet for both sides it is dangerous.

An applicant might not be ready for your executive team now, but in two or three years time they might be perfect. Or they could be perfect for another position in your business. If you ghost them now they will have a negative opinion of your brand, then they’ll remember that and they won’t want to work with you in the future.

4. You don’t stick to your processes

While your processes may change depending on the executive position, the general process shouldn’t be changed because the candidate demands it. Some candidates may make requests to avoid certain parts of the process or bypass certain people in the process.

You need to constantly stand up for your process and ensure all candidates are following the same procedures. This ensures there are no gaps in your recruitment process and therefore the right candidate is hired in your retail executive search.