For many businesses, the terms ‘boss’ and ‘leader’ are synonymous, interchangeable. However, that isn’t the case! While it is true that there is some overlap between the two words, being a leader and being a boss are different styles of authority.

While both leadership and being a boss have their benefits, here at Anthony Gregg we’re big champions of great leadership. So read on to learn more about the differences between being a boss or a leader, and why leadership is the best choice for the majority of companies.

Inspiration versus commanding

One of the biggest differences between leaders and bosses within the work environment is that leaders will inspire their employees to do and be better – bosses command it. Leaders will often not have to ask employees to do a task to the best of their ability because employees feel compelled to do so anyway, not least thanks to their leader’s attitude towards them.

Respect versus intimidation

Leading on from the previous point, the next big difference between what makes someone a leader or simply a boss is how they treat their employees. Regardless of position, leaders will treat every member of staff equally and with the same level of respect. Bosses, however, much of the time will utilise their corporate superiority to demand respect from employees without returning it.

Discussion versus domination

Openness and a willingness to listen, compromise, and change, is a huge aspect of what defines a leader. Leaders involve themselves in every rung of the company, listening to employees and discussing how to improve the work environment. On the contrary, bosses will often isolate themselves at the head of the table, taking a very passive role and receiving complaints through longwinded procedures as opposed to head-on conversations.

Hands-on versus hands-off

When incorporating new tasks, methods, or equipment into the work environment, leaders and bosses really differ. Leaders will get hands-on within the company, taking the time to learn the new material and demonstrate first-hand to employees how to deploy it in their daily tasks. Bosses, however, are likely to leave their employees to their own devices while watching from afar.

If you’re a company owner prone to any of these boss tendencies, it isn’t too late to change! Leadership qualities enable a far more friendly and productive work environment for both employees and clients, as well as lending mutual respect. Here at Anthony Gregg, we offer retail executive coaching and mapping to bring your leadership to its best, as well as additional retail talent mapping service to fill the missing gaps in your team.

If you would like to learn more about our Executive Coaching services, please contact Tony personally via our contact us page.

Here’s what one of our clients has to say:

The coaching session with Tony was very valuable. He was very careful not to provide answers and to coach me to develop my own thinking and options. I have been coached a number of times previously and sometimes found that the session has been rushed. This time it felt that there were good pauses to really think about what we were discussing and get to some of the root causes. I felt very comfortable and in a safe environment.

I would definitely recommend Tony as an executive coach (and have already done so to a few people). His style and pace are very good and he has the gravitas/respect to underpin this.

Louise- Retail PLC Board Director