According to a recent investigation, Tesco has been charging full price for their items by advertising offers past their sell-by date for weeks or even months. It appears that the main issue revolved around multi-pack deals, with products remaining on shelves without an alteration of the price. 

This issue has been occurring in over two-thirds of stores across the UK. Most customers don’t check their receipts and presume that their discounts have been scanned through accordingly. However, it appears Tesco have done a disservice to customers by constantly overcharging, rather than undercharging for discounted goods.

A few examples of this issue included packs of Christmas gingerbread which were marked as £1.75 per pack or two for £3, however, this offer was not picked up at the till. Likewise, two Vienetta packs of ice cream were marked down as £2 but were sold individually at the till for £1.37.

Many other ‘deals’ have failed to be scanned through on the till including brands such as Whiskas and Chicken Tonight. Due to this, there has been a great deal of suspicion on whether these deals have been genuine in the first place. One member of staff from a Tesco store claimed that their particular branch was short staffed and could not afford to spend time removing old labels from past deals.

In Birmingham, A Tesco Express store was found to have old labels almost a whole month after the error was initially spotted. Martin Fisher from the Chartered Trading Standards Institute claimed “That is very bad. It’s very basic that if one customer has shown something wrong then it’s put right to stop other customers being misled”. Fisher’s point reveals that customer satisfaction has failed to be Tesco’s priority in recent times and the well-known firm could actually be breaking the law in relation to the Unfair Trading Regulations 2008.

He went on to say “The underlying problem is that people don’t complain because they don’t realise. Very few people remember [the price] from the shelf to the till so complaints are extremely low,”. Despite these claims, the main arguments revolve around whether further action will be taken on Tesco to get to the bottom of the case.

Tesco made a recent statement, claiming all stores will double-check labels to ensure that this issue does not arise again, and will ‘reinforce’ their responsibilities for customers.

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Tesco Express by LoopZilla licensed under Creative commons 5