The digital age – and the business world’s voracious appetite for internet exposure and research – have made retail executives more transparent than ever before.

LinkedIn and other digital connection platforms have made it easier to showcase skills and experience, make deals and get the attention of future employers.

This can be a very positive force in the field of retail executive recruitment, for both sides of the equation. Candidates with a strong digital profile can illustrate their credentials more vividly. Recruiters can research their applicants with far greater ease.

But like many things related to the digital arena, it’s a double-edged sword.

Too quick to judge

Amongst the negative implications is the possibility that a potential future employer will see something online that “turns them off”, without giving you the chance for a face-to-face credentials presentation or discussion.

The internet should carry a warning – engaging on a digital platform can make or break reputations. Something negative or even scurrilous can be either undetected by you or problematic to reverse.

Weeding out genuine opportunities

Having a strong digital profile can increase the possibility of being approached more regularly by head hunters who are less discerning in their business operations. Having a raft of approaches to wade through that can mask the golden nuggets.

Not all executive recruiters are the same – by a long stretch. To avoid wasting your time, if you are open to new job opportunities, you need to check out the antecedents of anyone who approaches you.

Try to detect the external recruiters who are less than scrupulous in fielding candidates in order to play the numbers game.

Seek out the strongest connections

If you are open to new retail executive positions, even with your digital footprint firmly planted it can take time to have an effect.

It’s still far better to actively seek specialist recruitment networks and agencies who have a genuine foothold in your sector. They will be combining both modern and traditional methods for honing down the competition and using genuine intelligence to create matches.

They also have balanced priorities. Some of the cold calling head hunters may be skewed entirely to their client’s brief, and you could find the whole transaction deeply unsatisfying.

How can you supplement your digital profile?

As the most discerning recruiters use more than your digital shop front to match you, bringing yourself to the attention of potential employers is best achieved on several fronts at once.

This could include, for example, securing speaking engagements at business groups and events, and being an active participant in retail trade groups or campaigns.

Do you need to know more about increasing your prospects to find your next retail management post? Contact Anthony Gregg and we would be pleased to do what the internet can’t do – start a constructive discussion about the best ways for you to benefit from strategic retail executive recruitment.