As a corporate business leader, there are many ways to effectively lead a team. There’s no single rule for great leadership. It’s not about finding the right or wrong way to run things; it’s about finding the way that works right for you. But there are a variety of styles out there, and if as a leader you find yourself under pressure for whatever reason, you have to maintain a leadership style that employees can get behind.

Maintain frequent communication

No man is an island. Pressure can make people feel withdrawn and retreat into their own self-doubts. But you must maintain ongoing communication with your team. Even with mounting difficulties, the flow cannot be interrupted and you need to put on an air of reliability. Another point to consider is engaging with your staff will give you a distraction and an opportunity to crush that negative mindset. Self-doubt will only creep up on you if you indulge it.

Transformation with collaboration

You may be an employer whose eyes are constantly on the horizon, not thinking about where your company is today, but where you want it to be tomorrow. To achieve that, you may look at making frequent changes to structures, sharing your vision with the company and entrusting them in helping to make that vision a reality. This collaborative leadership style will better serve your vision in the long run.

Remain purpose-driven over pressure-driven

When there is a risk of things not working out, some may feel the need to adopt an entirely new approach. But this mindset cannot sustain you in the long-run. Think about what goals you wish to achieve, and what you may need to achieve. By doing so, you can preempt any challenges that may arise and be adequately prepared to deal with them.

Adding levity to leadership

Sometimes, there are moments when you can feel the pressure mounting but you are conscious of showing it. One thing that can help is humour. Whether that be telling an amusing anecdote or sharing a humourous exchange with an employee. No one’s expecting you to be a stand-up comic, however, telling well-thought jokes can demonstrate both a levity to your demeanour as well as a sign of confidence and certainty with one’s self.

Be comfortable with ambiguity and uncertainty

Even though we always hope for the best-case scenario, we always need to be prepared for when things might not go our way. If you’re dealing with a situation that carries uncertainty, don’t treat as some hidden issue that suddenly takes you by surprise. By acknowledging its presence you’re increasing your situational awareness, which will benefit your business in the long-run.

Several situations can pop up in the business that threatens to hinder us. But those are the moments that demonstrate how we can grow as a leader.