A good leader has a strong, productive and motivated workforce behind them. And with a new year and new targets approaching, it’s vital to ensure business starts off on the right foot. To do that, you need to share your strategy and make your workforce feel involved in reaching your goals.

Many leaders underestimate the importance of sharing strategy with their employees. But a workforce which understands their company’s strategy are able to make better decisions. Even better, a workforce which feels involved in that strategy will work harder to help the company reach its goal.

1. Define your aims and targets

Create a strategy document which you can share with your company outlining your aims with a few key points. Clearly, define what winning looks like; look back at performances from the past year and compare with what you want to achieve in the next. Use a competitor as a comparison – highlight what they’ve done well but what your company can do better. Inspire people by explaining why the destination is important and give them an incentive to succeed. An inspired workforce will develop the motivation and determination to see the job through.

2. Get input from your employees

All good leaders realise that just sharing a vision isn’t always enough. Never underestimate the power of gathering input from your employees. Individuals who have contributed to a business plan will feel personally invested in helping the organisation fulfil it. As a result, motivation and productivity will increase tenfold.

3. Utilise feedback

Once you’ve presented the year-ahead strategy, ask each department for feedback. Ask for three things which are currently working well in the company and three things which are the least effective. Then ask them for ways in which they would address these to increase efficiency. Take their ideas down and build another plan which incorporates these.

4. Be open to changes and new ideas

Once completed, share the updated business plan or strategy document (but in a simplified form suitable for the wider workforce) and make sure they understand and agree. Be open to making changes if there’s still some disagreement but on the whole, they should feel valued – their ideas have been taken on board and now they can visibly see them in the company’s overarching strategy.

Finally, ensure you meet and update goals monthly. Annual goals are impossible to reach unless broken down.

Successful companies have a leader who involves employees in developing a strategy. Do this and watch your organisation thrive. For more leadership advice and tips, contact us at Anthony Gregg Partnership today.

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