We intrinsically need goals to know where we’re going. Setting goals is easy and natural to do, but being able to set realistic, inspirational and achievable goals is when you can make something really special happen. Start by asking yourself the question: “What is it we’re aiming for?”. After, ask yourself: “If we achieve that, will it make a difference?”. As Apple’s famous ad campaign once stated, “Will it make a dent in the universe?”.

Often, people set goals they know are achievable – they give themselves a low bar to get over, meaning that their company doesn’t ultimately reach its full potential. On the flip side, it’s just as common to see CEOs set the bar too high, meaning their teams feel their goals are unachievable and struggle to remain committed to fulfilling them.

So, how can you set goals that push your teams to reach their full potential, while keeping them motivated to achieve? This five-step process will help you set and achieve your most desired goals:

1. Assess where your team is currently at

Is it a high performing team? Can you quantify that performance? How do they operate? Determining your team’s current performance and potential is key to setting realistic and measurable goals. Look at your team’s KPIs and other performance data to help aid your decision.

2. Define the goals you’d be proud to achieve

What would truly be amazing? Align your goals with what truly inspires and motivates you and you’ll find an energy that drives you towards success.

3. Take a moment to reflect

Take note of the fact that daring goals could be intimidating to your team. Teams that aren’t necessarily high performance (yet) may fear that they can’t physically achieve them. Having goals that are out of range stops you getting the commitment or buy in that you as a CEO need to make things happen.

4. Reassess your goals

What would be accessible to your team and acceptable to you? The key here is finding the balance between an inspiring and aggressive goal that gives your team a bit of trepidation, and a goal that’s also realistic and achievable.

Don’t just set commitments for next quarter, try setting them ten months out. With the right amount of time, people feel they can achieve anything. Set your goals for 90 days and people might worry, but set your more aggressive goals for nine or ten months’ time and they’ll feel achievable.

5. Introduce your goals with a plan to your team

If you’ve struck the right balance between an achievable and inspiring goal, your team will be motivated to succeed. But they will need guidance to lead them there. Structure your vision into a roadmap that your team can understand and follow, and be the person that inspires them to achieve through your leadership.

What you may begin to notice is that, as your team goes through cycles where they achieve your goals successfully, they begin to start learning to achieve aggressive goals consistently. Then they may even begin exceeding your goals and expectations. As a CEO, there’s no greater goal than that.

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