What is Talent Mapping?

Moving on from our retail executive search service, our retail talent mapping service allows our experienced team help determine future talent requirements and skills that are required within your business by analysing the viability of the existing staff. This process involves sourcing high-quality candidates with the potential in your field for future recruitment. This allows us to develop a process which identifies each individual in your business by their skills, strengths and capabilities.

Following this, an informed decision can be made about each individual and identify which will suit a specific job role the best by bringing strengths and skills to the role and having the potential to grow further within the job role, the organisation and deliver the expected results. This method is the best way to identify existing gaps within an organisation and fill them by effectively using the strengths from existing individuals to ensure that they’re being used to their maximum potential.

Our Retail Talent Mapping Method

Our Retail Talent Mapping service includes competitor analysis and maps the organisational structure in order to identify targets and gaps. We will have an insight to the individuals working within your organisation according to their job title and skills. We use this information to identify individuals within your organisation who could fill an existing gap by utilising their skills and talents.

Benefits of Talent Mapping

• It is a great snapshot of competitor and market activity
• Provides a current perspective on talent in your market in line with planned business growth or recruitment needs.
• It benchmarks compensation and benefits packages.
• You will always have key individuals at hand so you can act decisively and quickly when a need arises.


• We discuss brands with you to identify a list of potentially suitable targets to include in the research process.
• We present you with a status report of target companies including key names, reporting structures, levels, and backgrounds.

How does it work?

We identify the genuine movers and shakers within businesses, whose skills and attributes meet both emerging business needs and existing gaps in their talent pool, then shape the role to suit. We are primed and ready to conduct this research, as we regularly publish an article denoting the main people moves across the retail world in leading retail magazine, Retail week.

Who should consider talent mapping?

Both established corporate organisations looking to adopt a more dynamic and proactive approach together with aspirational businesses with the ambition to grow and maximise opportunity in a highly competitive and fluid market.

To talk to one of our experienced consultants about our retail talent mapping service, call or email us.