When attempting to search for a new retail executive, there are a number of standard boxes that need to be checked. The candidate’s previous successes, their motivations and the ideas that they can bring to the new position all are common areas that are considered by those trying to find a new person suitable for the role in question. However, it can be easy for recruiters to apply the same checklist of qualities and experiences to every retail executive search; at Anthony Gregg, we know that recruitment is job specific, and have created a list of often forgotten considerations that will ensure you find the right candidate for the job.

1. Personal investment in the new company

It can be easy to assume that all previous experiences with the retail sector are transferable and that a strong record in a past position will necessarily translate to any new job. This is not the case. It is essential to find a candidate that has a personal investment in the company they are attempting to join. Whether this is a love of the products it sells, or a desire to expand a specific part of the business, this emotional investment will produce a level of passion and desire for the role that can otherwise not be achieved. 

2. Outside experiences mean just as much

Executive positions demand a lot from a candidate, and it is important for them to have experience on which to draw. However, this experience can come from a number of different areas, and thus, it is important not to immediately reject candidates who are relatively new to the retail sector. Often, there are huge amounts of transferable skills and qualities which can be gained from many different jobs that can be utilised effectively in retail, so make sure that you don’t automatically dismiss candidates who come from different fields.

3. Recruitment doesn’t have to be in-house

Many companies will assume that because the candidate will be working for that company, the entire recruitment process will have to be undertaken by the same company. However, this takes significant amounts of time and resources away from the more important aspects of the business. Recruitment is a complicated process, and those without previous experience may end up dismissing the best candidates. Often, those most suited to the job will be found by external recruitment companies, who know exactly what your job requires, and the qualities needed by candidates to thrive in that position. 

At Anthony Gregg, we provide an executive retail search program, specifically tailored to your needs. For more information, please contact us!