Retail Executive Interim

Are you looking for an interim executive role? We provide clients with retail executive interim managers when a role needs to be placed quickly. We have a comprehensive database of retail executive interim managers, which means that we are able to provide you with a remarkably quick turnaround. Retail executive managers are known for reshaping and driving through change on a structured and short timescale.

To talk about an interim role, email us directly. If you are an experienced retail interim executive or call us today to get started.

The Brief

AGP will meet with you to discuss not only the job and person specifications for a given assignment but also its context. These include factors such as organisational fit and key deliverables. Following the briefing meeting, we aim to provide you with 3 profiles of immediately available candidates.

Prior to Assignment

Retail interim executives are carefully vetted for their skill sets, specific track records of handling similar assignments and other requirements. AGP works with a small group of hand-selected retail interim executives. Our interim selection process:

  • Initial meeting to determine scope and scale of role, deliverables and timetables
  • Detailed specifications for client approval
  • Search, identification and briefing of candidates
  • Shortlist of 2-3 candidates (including CVs, references and fee requirement)
  • Meetings between clients and retail interim executives
  • Candidate selection and contract negotiation

During the Assignment

We stay involved for the duration of the assignment, fostering ongoing interaction between all concerned parties. This includes holding regular review meetings and conference calls to ensure that all deliverables are met to the client’s satisfaction.

Assignment Evaluation

On conclusion of an assignment, we conduct a detailed review involving the client, the retail interim executive, and the AGP Interim Team.

To talk about a retail executive interim management role, call or email us. If you are a retail interim manager, click here to register your details with us.