Retail Executive Coaching & Mentoring

Tony Gregg, our chief executive, is a qualified mentor and coach and has achieved the highest standard of professionalism, skill development and practical application by successfully completing the coaching masterclass certification provided by Collaborative Equity.

With our Retail Executive Coaching and Mentoring service, we can work with individuals to help them gain control of their own learning and development. This will provide them with support in order to clarify and identify their own goals and objectives in order to have a clear understanding of what they’re looking to achieve from their career as a retail executive.

Whilst our Coaching and Mentoring service looks at individuals who are no doubt, highly experienced, this looks at raising self-awareness and helping those people exceed their expectations on who they really want to be!

Key Features:

  • Be a dependable, trustworthy sounding board for leaders, executives and employees
  • Help leaders to achieve sustainable development, change, and growth at every level
  • Guide leaders on vital skills such as communication, conflict management, team building
  • Enhance overall employee engagement and efficiency

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