Looking for the best retail executive to help you boost your business? The answer should indeed be a big yes as every business employer seeks to recruit a competent and professional team leader to get their business to the top.

The right choice, but no result

But sometimes even making the right choice doesn’t impact your business. It grows at a snail’s pace, or fades away altogether at a certain level. Why does this happen, especially when you find no sign of mismanagement by any team member?

The amazing fact

It’s all because your retail executive is not a level five leader; instead, he’s just a level four. And a level four leader has not enough caliber to elevate your business to the heights of big success. He may produce quality results for the time being but he will remain unable to impart them sustainably.

Level four CEOs

However, this doesn’t mean that level four CEOs are incompetent or unprofessional. They can produce results of a very high standard, though they vanish quite soon. They know all the marketing tactics and keep themselves updated with ever-changing market trends and other required skills.

Why they’re doomed for ultimate failure

The real problem with them is that they are great marketers but not necessarily the right business person. Though they are well versed in retailing as a profession, they are still not familiar with the universal principles of business, which form the basis of a successful retail enterprise. This contradiction within a retail executive may often lead to the downfall of his organisation.

Top level organisations – secret of their success

The global business tycoons like McDonald’s, Tesco, or Holland & Barrett are not successful because of their services or products, instead it is due to the business acumen of their CEOs and universal business norms and good practices.

Level five leadership and its key components

Here comes the need for level five leadership, which puts the professional will together with personal humility. Contrary to the other four levels in the hierarchy, it has the potential to transform a mediocre organisation into an excellent business giant.

The recruiters should consider the following two key features, professional will and personal humility, while recruiting a retail executive.

Professional will

Professional will enables a business person to achieve the targets in all circumstances, setting good standards, and accepting responsibility for poor performance open-heartedly.

Personal humility

On the other hand, personal humility imparts him with modesty which keeps him away from boastfulness. It also keeps him quiet and calm to achieve the long-term targets consistently and with full concentration. He loves to collaborate with others as a team member, not their boss.

Final thought

A level five retail executive can boost the business in a sustained manner. His enthusiasm, determination, and humility can get the organisation to the top.