In the windswept ocean of the corporate world, it can often become incredibly tough to navigate across stormy waves – even for the most skilled of sailors. During times of increased workplace pressure, sometimes the biggest challenge for leaders is to get out of the metaphorical storm, take a deep breath and take some time to figure out where the waves are breaking.

The trouble is, the breaking point is usually the most stressful place to be – issues are looming large overhead, bearing down, and could potentially knock you off your feet. This breaking point is never a comfortable place to be, and it requires navigation and grace under pressure to push through the challenges to return to calmer waters.

Negativity and its impact during key decision-making moments

All leaders are aware of the necessity to remain positive and push forward during times that are far from ideal. However, it’s not uncommon to feel resistance during trying times – be it from colleagues or as a result of cognitive dissonance (that little voice in your head that stubbornly tells you you’re doing the right thing, even though you might subconsciously think otherwise). During testing times, you or your team might begin to feel discouraged, overwhelmed and plain beat-up.

Getting through the tough times is hard – but every positive decision is made by persevering through anxiety, self-doubt, pressure and discouragement. This is true for all of us, in both personal and corporate capacities.

Pushing through together

As a leader, although you’re at the helm during tough business decisions, it’s important to remember that challenges are much easier to navigate as part of a team. By motivating your team to face these challenges with you, you’ll notice a boost in morale that helps everybody to steer in the same direction. The rewards of weathering the storm as a team help improve workplace cohesion in the future in the following ways:

Shared memories

Your team will remember the time they took the bull by the horns and got through a difficult time, and this will help members to bond.

Your team know they’re not alone

Whenever challenging tasks in the workplace begin to feel overwhelming, it’s good for your team to feel that they can rely on colleagues and leaders to help collectively steer a project in the right direction.

Everybody strives to improve

The best way to tackle a breaking wave it to swim through it before it breaks. While it’s daunting to move swiftly towards something you’d rather avoid, when the entire team is focusing in the same direction, you’ll soon find that each subsequent tidal wave becomes easier to pass through, as your collective workplace vessel becomes stronger with increased experience.