There is no perfect way to lead during a crisis. Yes, leaders are encouraged to stay calm and carefully consider the long-term consequences of their decisions, but every business is different and has its own goals, values and culture.

This is why leaders need to be dynamic. A good leader will use their own skills and experience to help others find the right solution. However, to do this, they’ll need to change their mindsets to access their creativity and resilience.

Believing in impermanence

During a crisis, it’s important for a leader to accept the situation for what it is and let others know that there is nothing wrong with feeling worried or scared. Avoiding our fears will not make them go away, so
encouraging staff to accept that the crisis will not last forever will help them to be less distracted and work more efficiently.

Believing in abundance

It’s common for customer wants, needs and spending behaviours to alter dramatically during a crisis, as well as a number of other factors. Rather than looking at this as a bad thing, leaders need to demonstrate how this can be turned into a brand new opportunity, stepping in to support others when they need it the most. A good leader will understand their team members’ strengths, coming up with different roles and responsibilities for them while everyone adjusts to this new normal.

Believing in a higher purpose

Leaders need to be brave during a crisis – after all, they will likely be tasked with making decisions that could have a lasting impact on their business. However, by adopting the mindset that everything happens for a reason, leaders show their employees that no matter how difficult the coming weeks might become, their efforts will be worthwhile in the long-term.

Staying present and being flexible

As well as making these psychological shifts, leaders need to ensure they are present and communicate with their team members frequently. Being flexible with their requirements also shows that they are recognising people’s emotions about the situation, supporting them through the change and helping them get back to normal when the time comes.

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