Senior retail executives and supply chain and logistics executives will be keen to observe the benefits of the new ProductDNA initiative launched by the UK Retail Grocery Advisory Board.

About ProductDNA

ProductDNA allows access to consistent data throughout the entire food supply chain, including consumer and retailer access. The service was launched in May 2018 and requires suppliers to input data on products into the main catalogue. Once this data has been independently verified it can be accessed through the entire supply chain.

The UK Retail Grocery Advisory Board developed ProductDNA due to the lack of available transparency and information currently available within the food supply chain. Two of the largest food manufacturers, Unilever and Nestle, have just announced that they’ve signed up for the ProductDNA service, and they’re in good company as they join major supermarket chain Tesco and retailer Ocado, who both signed up for the service in June.

The ProductDNA service can record up to a maximum of 150 product attributes, although this service is not completely in place at the moment.

David Hix is the Supply Chain Director at Nestle and he explained that although the procedure for complying with ProductDNA is tough there are many associated benefits. He said: “If we can automate along the supply chain, it’ll be a huge step towards creating efficiencies. In current operating conditions there is a move towards efficient end-to-end supply chains and mapping up and down the supply chain will help with this”.

Nestle plan to roll out ProductDNA in stages, the initial stage will entail registering all new products. This will be followed by adding all products produced and the company will finalise by adding utilisation of all 150 attributes to the database. Nestle are convinced this service will pay for itself over time as a result of more comprehensive and accurate data, alongside the enhancements to consumer trust that will be provided.

George Wright, the Commercial Director of Fresh Food at Tesco, said: “When adopted universally across the industry, ProductDNA will give retailers increased confidence in the product data they receive, as well as helping to reduce the amount of inaccurate data and increasing the efficiency of our product data processing”.

Chief executives and logistics and supply chain executives looking for information on ProductDNA can access their website to find out more.

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