Successful retail executives understand the benefits offered by participating and engaging with the retail workforce. These two leadership skills can be key to driving employee motivation and empowerment and enable the continued prosperity and growth of the business. Traditional controlling styles of retail management are disappearing in the modern retail industry as a more collaborative way of managing teams develops in the sector. 

Participation tips for retail leaders

Making the switch from a traditional management style of command and control to a more participative leadership role can be accomplished in a variety of ways, including:

1. Starting each day with a group huddle/’take five’ meeting with key team players. This can be the linchpin to successful participative management and is a key tool that can be cascaded down the organisation to all team members. Taking a couple of minutes out on a daily basis to share vital information and inspiration can help all employees focus on areas for growth and improvement throughout their working day.

2. Involving the workforce in the strategic direction of the business and key discussions surrounding the future of the retail operation helps employees feel a sense of ownership and empowerment, and can often result in useful ideas and suggestions to increase business success. While retail leaders still make the big decisions, the involvement of key team members and operational staff is vital for motivation.

3. Becoming more involved in the success of employees by engaging, asking questions and challenging work methods helps create a proactive environment, with all key team members helping ensure worker successes on a daily basis.

4. Participative leaders will often source learning from their employees. It’s often the case that team members working more closely with customers have a wealth of wisdom to impart and successful leaders seek out this sharing of knowledge on a regular basis.

5. Successful leaders will run the business by setting a good example, their actions set the standards and expectations for all employees. So, it’s important to create a collaborative environment which enhances employee levels of trust and empowers workers within pivotal customer care roles.

Rolling out a regular training and employee development scheme which involves all retail outlets and participating actively within these sessions can also be an important facet of participative management and helps develop links throughout the entire organisation.

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