What Is Psychometric Profiling?

Psychometric profiling assessments are a standard and scientific method used to measure individuals’ mental capabilities and behavioural style. Psychometric assessments are designed to measure candidates’ or employee suitability for a role based on the required personality characteristics and aptitude (or cognitive abilities). They identify the extent to which candidates’ personality and cognitive abilities match those required to perform the role.
You are able to use the information collected from the assessments to identify the hidden aspects of candidates or employees that are difficult to extract from an interview or discussion.
Some candidates and employees do believe that the psychometric test is not a true measure that correctly assesses real abilities or traits in personality however they are statistically examined and therefore are constructed to remain unbiased and objective.

Are There Different Psychometric Assessments Available?

Yes. There are essentially two main types: personality assessments and aptitude assessments. The personality assessment explores interests, values and motivations, analysing how the candidate or employee’s character fits within the role and the organisation. They also look at emotions, behaviours and relationships in a variety of situations; all geared towards ensuring that there is a ‘best fit’.
Aptitude assessment looks at reasoning and cognitive ability, determining whether the candidate or employee has the right skill set for a given role. Intelligence levels are compared to a ‘standard’, which means that there must be a certain score achieved to pass. There is a variety of methods in which this can be tested which include diagrammatic reasoning, error checking and spatial reasoning.

Why Should You Use Psychometric Profiling?

Let us take a look at the very term psychometric. This essentially refers to a measurement of the mind. There are many qualities and aspects of an individual that you cannot easily assess during an interview. It is now widely agreed that psychometric assessment is a very useful investment made by many of the world’s top companies when it comes to recruiting the right candidate. An objective view is often a very different and revealing angle that assists with the overall picture of an individual, after all, an investment into the right individual is often the most rewarding.
Although you could look at profiling as a test, it is more an assessment that forms an overall profile of the candidate. It is important to remember there are no right or wrong answers.
The employer, psychometric testing is a vitally important tool that helps gauge the future performance of a candidate and will directly improve employee retention by making successful hiring decisions.

Take a Look at Our Cognitive Case Study

Organisations are now favouring psychometric testing as it provides various screening methods that assist with the elimination of large amounts of candidates at the very start of any recruitment drive. This means smaller pools of applicants are left that have proven to have the potential to perform well in the later stages of the recruitment process.
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