Interview Advice

An interview is a conversation with purpose.

Those who naturally interview well are likely to know it. For one thing, they often get offered the job. For another, they probably enjoy the process. This section therefore aims to help people who dislike interviews to look positively on them.

First, refer back to the definition above: an interview is a conversation with purpose. The purpose of this conversation is twofold: for an employer to judge the quality of a candidate – and just as importantly, for a candidate to take a closer look at the people who might become their employers and colleagues. In other words, it’s not only you who’s under the microscope here. Remember that at least half of this process is necessarily under your control, so use it to find out the things you want to know.

Secondly, remember what the conversation is about. Since you’ve gone to the trouble of applying, it’s fair to assume that you’re genuinely interested in this job. So this is your opportunity to explain why you’re interested, and what makes you think you would do it well. It isn’t the ‘Day of Reckoning’ in terms of your entire persona, employability and value to society.

With these thoughts in place, what further steps can you take to do yourself justice on the day? The truth is that the factors to consider are as varied and unpredictable as the people involved: people conduct interviews: people like you with all the likes, dislikes, quirks and idiosyncrasies that being human entails.

And that is why we ensure you are fully briefed and thoroughly prepared before we send you in.