CV Advice

Here’s a brief summary of what we believe makes a great CV:

Clarity. For any given assignment, we may receive up to 300 CVs – which makes ease of reading an absolute must. So avoid artistic fonts, small print, fancy layouts and ‘unusual’ stationery. Above all, do not obscure key facts with statements of motivation, however sincere.

Honesty. Whether by statement or omission, attempts to conceal inconvenient truths will almost certainly fail and are always off-putting, indicating a willingness to waste people’s time and insult their intelligence. Degrees can and will be verified, references followed up and ambiguities clarified. We’re asking you for information. We’ll do any necessary advocacy.

Relevance. The question your CV has to answer is: ‘Do we want to know more about this applicant for this role?’ Provided that it shows you have skills, qualifications and experience appropriate to the job, the answer will be yes. There is no need at this stage for exhaustive detail.

Presentation. Be brief and be correct – if you’re not great at spelling, use a dictionary or have it checked over and don’t trust computer spell checkers. Be plain, straightforward and be yourself.

“But I really want to convey something special…”

If there is, exceptionally, a vital point that you feel needs immediate elaboration – such as a compelling personal interest in a specific opportunity, or an explanation of how your transferable skills match stated requirements – cover it either in your accompanying letter or in a short personal statement.

Regarding covering letters: in most circumstances, they should just be a simple statement to say that you have noted with interest the advertisement for the role (or that you understand the company welcomes speculative expressions of interest), you now attach or enclose your CV and that you would like the company to consider your application.

If a reference number is supplied – and they sometimes appear in unexpected places, so re-read the advertisement carefully – then quote it.

If an indication of your salary expectations is asked for, it’s up to you: either state it truthfully or else apply to a company that doesn’t ask the question. Don’t second-guess the right answer or ignore the request.

We’re always on the lookout for outstanding individuals, so have you sent us your CV yet? If not, don’t worry – it’s quick and simple to do. You can either contact us using your LinkedIn profile or fill in our short registration form.

However you decide to make contact, please upload your current CV and we will immediately start searching our current vacancies.

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The Anthony Gregg Partnership continues to enjoy a great deal of success in recruiting individuals into a variety of functional areas. Here are a few examples:

  • Buying
  • Central Operations
  • Communication/PR
  • Design
  • eCommerce and Multichannel
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • IT
  • Insurance and Risk
  • Marketing
  • Property
  • Retail Operations
  • Supply Chain and Logistics

How We Use Your Personal Data

The Company holds personal data for past, current and potential applicants. This data is kept in order to comply with our statutory obligations as a recruiter and to provide personnel data to potential clients for administering of contractual documents.

Under the Data Protection Act 1998 you are entitled to access your personal data held. In order to do this, you should write or email AGP. Following this request, we will provide you with this information.

We may also hold data about you which the law considers to be “sensitive”, such as information relating to your ethnic or racial origin and marital status. This will only be collected for specific purposes by AGP. In all instances, other than in the case of data on ethnic and racial origin which is monitored for reasons of equal opportunities, AGP will not process any sensitive information about you without your prior permission.

We will not collect data of an expressly sensitive nature such as political opinions or religious beliefs.

All personal data relating to past, current and potential applicant is treated in the utmost confidentiality and is kept secure at all times.

All personal information presented to AGP by the applicant will be treated in the strictest confidence and will only be forwarded to the client after express permission has been given by the applicant.

The introduction of an applicant is strictly confidential and is on condition that no information is disclosed to any other person, firm or occupation without AGP’s written consent and in particular that the client does not approach the applicant.