Career Advice

“Being a client, I felt a bit strange responding to AGP’s Sunday Times advertisement…”

Any recruitment consultancy with an eye to its future sees candidates as future clients. Vice versa is a little more unusual though, so when clients do return to us as applicants, it’s a testament to our genuine interest in making sure all parties are happy with the outcome of an assignment.

“… a really motivating conversation rather than just a criteria-based tick bash grilling…”

But then what? To us, it’s never seemed quite right just to pocket the fee and run. We don’t stop caring about our successful candidates once we’ve placed them. And we certainly don’t stop caring about unsuccessful ones, who, after all, we backed to win. Whatever an outcome, we’ve always made a point of learning from feedback, not only to drive our own continuous improvement, but also because it helps us see further into future possibilities. So whether you’re looking for insight into the best choice for advancement, or for lateral thinking on a great escape from routine, you’ll know our recommendations aren’t skewed towards the next vacancy we want to fill.

“The final thing that surprised me was that he did keep in touch! He doesn’t just leave you to get on with it. He’s more like a trusted colleague than a Recruitment Consultant!”

We’re sorry if it’s surprising. But we’re very glad people trust us with their careers.