Candidate Testimonials

I was referred to Tony by the board HR Director I was working with, who spoke very highly of him with clear warmth and respect.  Tony had personally worked with them for some considerable time recruiting senior an exec appointments with great results.

As a candidate dealing with executive hunters and recruiters at all levels is a difficult and often frustrating experience.  The fundamental challenge is that the individuals who initially “decide” on whether candidates are suitable for roles – or not – have extremely limited experience of what the role actually is, and needs.  This is as true of the researchers who work for the “big” exec head-hunters, as it is for the “CV pushers” in the industry who want to get a CV in front of as many people as possible – simply hoping that somebody, somewhere, sometimes will have a need at that particular time and they will “get lucky”.

Tony operates differently.  He works with senior execs through time and builds an understanding of the client their vision for the future, their belief and value set as well as the immediate needs they have for senior talent.  From this much richer picture, he is then in a position to find candidates that have the experience, the necessary skillset and importantly a complimentary belief and value set.  This match in “chemistry” is just as important an ingredient as the other, perhaps more tangible elements.  Tony is the only individual I have dealt with in his industry to demonstrates this competence exquisitely at this level – a huge benefit to both the client and the candidate equally.  His straightforward, no-nonsense approach makes him easy to deal with, and his word is his bond, and when he says he will do something, he does.  His skills make him a great executive head-hunter, his approach makes him an insightful business partner – everything else makes him the right choice for clients and candidates.

Senior Director, Board Director - Retail

From the initial approach to the follow-up brief, the communications and initial discussions with Tony were among the best I have had during my career. It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to interview with Tony and through all stages of my placement, I felt I was completely informed.

There were initially three main factors that enticed me to look at the opportunity the Anthony Gregg Partnership had placed in front of me. The first was that there was a clear intention for major supply chain change within the new company; the second was that the role was senior and indeed more challenging than my previous, and thirdly that the new role was indeed within a sector that I class myself as an expert within.

During the entire process from start to finish, I felt that the process was smooth and progressed very quickly in fact. Tony’s client was very responsive, and the process moved much faster than initially planned. Overall, I have never experienced anything progress as efficiently and as professionally as this placement has with the Anthony Gregg Partnership.

On the placement, I must say this has been a true success. The role is working out as well as I’d initially hoped. I must say that Tony and his Partnership had acted as effectively as I could have expected in every single way I could imagine.

FMCG Sector, Supply Chain Director

“Originally the process started with my aspirations to grow as a professional, so I started my search, looking for an opportunity at board level within a national company.”

“I had identified four or five people whom I felt had the right connections or network to assist me with my search and the Tony Gregg was one such candidate. What I required was somebody who could see past my CV and look at the individual, with a focused approach. What I found was that Tony had taken the time to get to know me as a professional and we found a dynamic relationship had formed very quickly. Tony had taken a chance to understand my skills and my preferences in order for me to take that next step.”

“Tony completely understood my needs; having the ability to understand the latency between talent and opportunity. Tony invited me to his Henley in Arden office for a one on one meeting which was very productive for us both. Our chat extended far beyond the words on my CV and into my professional skillset and also my aspirations, as it was fundamentally important that I was matched to my next role perfectly. Tony had taken the time to listen to what I found exciting and also what I didn’t, and this level of understanding was integral to cementing my confidence in my job search.”

“The Anthony Gregg Partnership was by far the most proactive, sending me selected and targeted opportunities that I would find appealing. Through my continued clear and frank discussions with Tony I knew that whenever I received a call from Tony, it was well worth my time in picking up.”

“During my job search, I had assessed various opportunities, stress testing different roles and prospects whilst also gaining vitally important feedback from interviews. Ultimately it was important that I found the right job and in the end, we did, in fact, find my perfect match.”

“Given my broad CV, it was always going to be a tough challenge to find my next role. Not only was it a requirement that the role fit my aspirations and skill set, but also that the company I was to work for had complete alignment with my ethos and culture. Through Tony’s connections, I was successfully matched to one of his many intriguing and exclusive opportunities. Through the entire interview process, I was continually updated and supported by not only Tony but also through his PA’s, of whom I must also mention as they were indeed just as proactive during our dialogue.”

“Through Tony and indeed the entire partnership, I found confidence in abilities, support at all stages and also the next stage in my career.”

Brand Director, Working for a National Symbol Group

“I would like to sincerely thank you for your assistance in helping me secure the position recently.”

“Throughout my career, I have engaged with a wide range of executive search companies, and I believe that I have a good understanding of ‘what good looks like’ from a candidate’s perspective.”

“The best compliment that I can pay you is this: you do exactly what you say you will do, when you say you would do it. I appreciate your honesty, integrity and professionalism in working through the process at pace. I feel that I have been able to contact you at any time of day, on any day of the week such is your focus on delivering a ‘great’ experience for the candidate. It’s all packaged with an engaging style, and a splash of humour and I’ve enjoyed that!”

Managing Director, Major Food Retailer