Candidate Area

“My dealings with AGP have been as a candidate but their approach made me feel more like a client.”

What are candidates if not clients? That’s how we think – and we treat every candidate with the same courtesy, respect and professionalism that we would afford a FTSE 100 company we were working for.

That includes:

Keeping you informed
We don’t like being kept in the dark. We don’t suppose you do, either. From start to finish of the recruitment process – which even with the best of companies can for be lengthy and complex – you will never be left to wonder what’s going on.

Keeping your confidence
An obvious but very important area. If there are companies, people or project teams that you don’t want us to approach on your behalf, let us know. We can guarantee that they won’t hear from us.

Keeping it real
We’re delighted to hear from candidates that we make them feel valued, but that value would be worth nothing if it wasn’t based on openness and truth. We expect and convey feedback from all employers on all candidates. We’re honest in our evaluation and constructive in our advice.

To summarise
Our reputation among the people we place is wholly dependant on trust. If you’re the best person for a role, we’ll move heaven and earth to help you secure it. If you’re not, or if it’s not the right move for you, we’ll say so. It makes our opinion worth listening to.


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