As technology continues to shape the retail experience for shoppers, businesses are learning more about consumer behaviour. According to new research by eCommerce agency PushOn, almost half of shoppers would spend more online, if there was technology to help them visualise the items. 

Key findings

The study assessed 1,000 online shoppers and found that 40% of consumers would like to try Augmented Reality technology before making a purchase, with 45% of people stating they would be encouraged to spend larger amounts if visualisation technology improved. The study echoes a growing trend in consumer interest towards technology and retail. It is clear that visualisation technology, which allows customers to place images of the products in a real-world view, could provide a great boost to online sales.

Potential retail growth

Online stores have struggled to attract those consumers who prefer to see items in a traditional shopping environment, but this new technology could open the doors to an untapped customer base. The Augmented Reality technology will provide shoppers with an experience previously only available in a store. The new developments in technology will provide increased levels of assurance, encouraging previously hesitant shoppers to spend more online.

Current use of visualisation technology

There are already a variety of industries making use of visualisation technology to great success. When the technology was first developed it was used as a way for brands to test their product packaging, before sending it out to stores. The technology allows product mock-ups to be visualised on the shelf to test the impact, before investing in a large print run. As the technology becomes more mainstream, it is expected to influence an increasing number of industries by boosting their engagement with consumers.

Opportunities for employment

It is clear that retailers believe technology is one of the key opportunities for retail growth, especially now that consumers are already identifying the benefits of using it. As technology continues to transform the retail environment, there are new opportunities opening up to businesses every day. An increasing number of retail companies are starting to use technology such as digital chatbots, Augmented Reality and omnichannel experiences. Which is leading to a large demand for new staff with the necessary skills and experience to manage and develop new sales channels.

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