Online retailer ASOS have announced their plans to invest £38m in additional jobs and £40m in renovations, bringing an estimated 1,500 jobs to UK residents.

The fashion outlet’s ambitious plans will see a welcome boost to jobs available in London, as they look towards expanding their London headquarters over the next three years, to the tune of an additional 1,500 workers. This is a 60 per cent increase on their existing staffers and is aimed at doubling revenue for the retailer.ASOS have announced that they intend to expand their headquarters, based at Greater London House in Camden, by an additional 40,000 sq ft. The fashion outlet currently employ 2,500 people at this location.”We’ve been planning this for 12 months”, said Chief Executive Nick Beighton, adding: “And we’re in a position now where we can expand again.”

Mr Beighton explained that the decision was made prior to June’s Brexit vote, and was unrelated to the imminent departure of Britain from the European Union. He said: “Greater London House is such an important part of the company’s history, as well as Camden’s, so I’m thrilled that we get to stay in our home, while building a workplace for the future.”

In addition to the monetary investment, ASOS were keen to point out that the expansion would reflect the company’s ‘young staff ethic’, and include some communal areas such as cafés, eating areas, a ‘quiet zone’ library, and an auditorium for large gatherings.

The new hires are expected to be in the marketing, technology, retail, and content areas, and come on the heels of analysts’ suggestions that ASOS would reap some benefits from the crash of the pound in the wake of Brexit. This is due to the fact ASOS purchases 85 per cent of their goods in sterling, yet sell more than half of it abroad.

ASOS’ total revenues for the whole of 2016, as reported in August, grew by a full 26 per cent. The company have successfully bucked the trend for slowing sales that have been reported across many other traditional UK high-street retailers. Despite this, a third of the company’s shareholders voted against its remuneration report during their annual meeting on 2 December.

The company rejected reports in the media during autumn that it is ‘victorian’ in its attitude towards working practices for employees, which included claims the company subjected agency workers to invasive surveillance, and discouraged them from taking breaks. The claims led to a GMB union protest outside ASOS’ London headquarters in early December, however ASOS hit back at the claims, dismissing them as ‘inaccurate’.

Despite these allegations this is a positive announcement from the company, and comes in the wake of both Facebook and Google announcing similar plans for boosting their London-based staff.

London by szeke licensed under Creative commons 5