For some people, leadership comes naturally and stepping into a managerial role is second nature; for others, leadership skills have to be developed over time. However, it is possible to become the leader that your company needs to thrive, here are five tips to help you along the way. 

1. Take inspiration from successful leaders

Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Winston Churchill are just a few examples of people who exhibited excellent leadership skills and refused to bend under pressure. Research some iconic leaders and learn from them, using them as an inspiration in leadership. Compare your personality traits with them and see how you can adapt your own to become a more productive manager for your business. 

2. Leadership consultation

Poor leadership skills could be the reason why business goals are not being met, and a leadership consultation could help to address these shortcomings. Sometimes, all it takes is an outsider’s perspective to help spot the holes in your business and the most efficient ways to patch them up so that you and your workforce can only build in strength.

3. Get to know your workforce 

Being a boss or manager doesn’t mean that you rank higher and better than your co-workers. Getting friendly with your co-workers can improve your cohesion as a team, making the workplace a more enjoyable place to be, which in turn can lead to reduced staff turnover. In getting to know the staff, you could discover some hidden talents that could be utilised in order to make your company more productive and unique. 

4. Become someone who can be relied on upon

Much like an older sibling, a manager of a business has to lead by example. This means turning up to meetings each day, making logical decisions and treating each member of staff with respect. If you adopt a professional and studious demeanour, you are sure to be perceived as a reliable leader that staff can trust. A competent managerial figure able to make executive decisions will make them feel secure in their job prospects.

5. Don’t be afraid of humour 

Perhaps one of the trickiest aspects of becoming a leader is finding the right balance between serious and funny. Well timed and intelligent jokes can make you seem like a friendly leader who people will feel comfortable in approaching. Research shows that humour can improve status and, when done tastefully, it can make you seem like a reliable leader. 

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