Climbing the ladder of the retail world is no easy feat. Through sheer dedication and hard work, you’ve finally found yourself near the top of that ladder, but you can’t stop there, you want to make it to the very top. There are, however, fewer jobs around for those who want to take that next step, and you’ll be competing with a lot of other candidates that wish to do the same. So, how do you stand out from the crowd? Well here at Anthony Gregg, we specialise in finding the best talent in the retail world, so we know what it takes for you to rise to the top. We’ve compiled some of the knowledge we’ve obtained over the years to help you with your next move. 

Know the business

It’s not just your sales performance and hard work that will help distinguish you from your peers. Being at a senior level means you need to ensure you learn as much about the business as possible. One of the best ways to learn about the business is learning about the power of an online presence. Advances in digital technology have changed the way people shop, and how a business can communicate with its target audience. To continue climbing the proverbial ladder, you must understand the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Be a visionary

At its core, every retail business is about making money. To reach the executive level, you must deliver results that are above your peers and plan, but not just in terms of your sales targets. You need to ensure that you’re not just doing something different, but it’s better and more innovative than others at your level. You need to be the person who can not only identify what the business is doing right, but what also may be improved.


Wherever your career takes you, always keep in touch with old bosses, peers and vendors. The phrase ‘it’s not what you know, but who you know’ plays a big part in the retail world. Networking and maintaining your own online presence can be a great help in your advancement, as it makes you easy to find. The hard truth is that there are fewer positions available at the top, but remember, you’ve made it this far for a reason, and as such, keeping in touch with old colleagues in the industry may give you an advantage when it comes to being considered for an executive position.

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