Building credibility is a key trait of a successful leader as it establishes you as someone who shows consistency between their words and their actions, and behaves in a way true to the values of the company. Building credibility helps you to build trust, and in turn, respect. Once you have achieved this, you’re in a great position to successfully lead and motivate your team and have your credible leadership filtered throughout the business by your management team. Below, we’ve highlighted some of the key reasons being credible as a leader of a business is so important. 

Shared vision

To be a successful leader, it’s your job to inspire and motivate your company and all its employees to work towards a shared goal and vision. As you demonstrate actions and use words conducive to reaching that vision, you’ll be clarifying to your business the direction you intend to work towards. By aligning your words and behaviours with the business’s values, you’ll be ensuring you are acting in a way that you wish others in the business to mirror, and if you’re successful in this, you’ll make each day working towards your vision a smoother process.


Credibility breeds trust. In the same way that your brand should be managed to appear consistent and credible, so should your personal brand as leader of the company. Just as you want your consumers to trust in your business and the product you’re offering, you want your employees to trust in you and your capabilities of leading the business forward. The more consistently you can act upon what you’ll say you do, the more credible you’ll appear and the greater the trust between you and your employees will be. When you wish to drive change throughout your business, the trust you share will be a key function in ensuring you’re successful. This trust will encourage loyalty to you and to the business, and motivate your employees to bring their most committed efforts into their jobs each day.

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