Microsoft has recently announced the launch of Dynamics 365 Commerce, which is an update of the already-established Dynamics 365 Retail platform. The software will be available in February this year and aims to streamline the shopping experience for customers, staff and retail executives through a unified platform. The software will unite back office, call centre, e-commerce and in-store experiences through a headless commerce engine driven by an application programming interface (API).

Retail executives and Microsoft team up

A study by Forbes and Microsoft gathered retail executives and consumers to research the future of retail and the new expectations customers have of an ever-changing market. 33% of retail executives claimed that customer experience was their top strategic priority to drive growth in the industry. Personalisation was found to be one of the biggest draws for consumers, with 49% of those aged between 18 and 24 claiming that that the offer of a personalised shopping experience would be an incentive to purchase from a retail store.

How can Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce create a personalised shopping experience?

Dynamics 365 Commerce unites customer interaction across channels both online and in-store so that retailers can offer personalised purchase recommendations for both customer-facing platforms. This improved engagement with customers is said to create a more personalised experience.

Omnichannel commerce

The Forbes and Microsoft study found that 47% of retail executives ranked omnichannel commerce as one of their top 3 priorities in boosting sales, as customers now expect to be able to make purchases at their convenience- whenever and wherever they want. Although this might seem daunting for many retail executives, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce aims to make this process much easier.

With Dynamics 365 Commerce, all operations are streamlined, from back-office to in-store. Customer-facing staff can view stock availability more easily, managers can track sales performance and Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365 Commerce can be linked in order to simplify task management.

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