The workplace is changing. And it’s changing fast. At Anthony Gregg Partnership we recognise that the successful business leader is someone who can adapt to change and keep on adapting in a world where an ever-increasing pace of change is the new normal. 
The commercial, legislative and cultural environment an organisation works in is likely to be increasingly fluid. Technology provides an ever-increasing level of data that can reveal new opportunities. Technology is also increasingly disruptive – a business model that made perfect sense last year can be completely uncompetitive the next year. Or even the next quarter.

One consequence of this rapidly evolving work environment is that carefully developed leadership qualifications and skills can become obsolete very quickly. Not all skills of course, but it is daunting that how much you relied on in your job just a few years ago is no longer relevant.

So, if you can’t judge leaders and potential leaders on their skills and qualifications, how can you know who will respond best to the next big workplace revolution?

Competencies are key

You have to look deeper than the superficial skills and uncover the underlying qualities and competencies of the individual. The leadership competencies that Anthony Gregg Partnership believes are crucial in future leaders are flexibility, collaborative working and an analytical mind.


Future leaders will need to use their knowledge of the organisation and their own role to rapidly adapt to business environment changes. Adaptable leaders are also proactive; they don’t freeze when faced with change, and they are willing to take swift action that moves projects in the right direction to deal with changing situations and environments.

Collaborative working

Great leaders are great collaborators, who work well with others. They have the first class team working skills essential to collaborate with a wide variety of people throughout the organisation. They use their own expertise to work with stakeholders and play a key role in collaborative projects that keep the organisation ahead of the game.

An analytical mind

A leader that an organisation needs to survive and thrive in an ever-changing environment will use strong analytic skills to prioritise their work, assess problems, and make decisions. They rely on their expertise, experience, and knowledge of the organisation to apply judgement to their decisions and in their work.

Use our expertise

At Anthony Gregg Partnership we are very aware of all these issues. We know the qualities that are required of the business leaders of today and the future and we can help you to identify leaders with the vital key competencies. We look forward to hearing from you.