The coronavirus pandemic has uprooted many aspects of our life, causing businesses and bosses to make some tough financial decisions. Employees and clients will be looking at how businesses conduct themselves during this global crisis and question if they are still worth investing in and working for once the pandemic is over.

Right now, effective leadership skills are crucial and could even determine the long-term success of your company post-pandemic. Here are five important leadership skills that will restore employees’ confidence in the company and ensure they stay with you for years to come.

1. Be honest

Your employees want clarity during this uncertain time and you may need to make tough decisions in your company. A good leader will be upfront about these company changes, keeping employees updated about every advancement, good or bad. When the pandemic is behind us, employees will stay with a company that remained honest throughout the crisis.

2. Create opportunities for progression

Staff need to be reminded that there is room for progression in the company – even during a global pandemic. Remind them of the vision of the company, painting a clear picture of life after the coronavirus and the opportunities for promotion that will be made available with hard work.

3. Praise employees for good work

Working remotely poses its own challenges and delivering the same workload pre-pandemic might be difficult. Remember to praise employees for their good work, instead of just delivering critiques – they will remember your fairness and compassion when the pandemic blows over.

4. Ensure the workload is fair

There is a lot of pressure on companies and businesses at the minute – some workers are furloughed and others are left to pick up the slack. However, it is important to give your working employees a fair workload instead of burdening them with more stress. If they are unhappy, they are likely to leave your company as soon as more job opportunities arise.

5. Create a positive work environment

Check-in with your employees regularly and make sure they are looking after their mental health. Encourage them to take breaks, exercise, and remind them they can come to you with any problems or concerns.

A leadership consultation from Anthony Gregg can transform you into a dependable boss who employees want to work for. Use these skills and look forward to low employee turnover in your company or business.