Leadership Consulting

Listening to feedback from many of our clients has revealed that they require an element of leadership assessment when making key hires within their business. We have taken this on board and have explored how we can best help as part of our recruitment services but ensuring there is no conflict of interest.

We now have our team who provide an array of services including Leadership Consulting. Working with highly regarded and experienced leadership consultants, we believe that we have found the solution to offer our clients an independent view as well as focusing on an individual’s level of potential. This not only offers the most cost-effective solution but also offers other efficiencies with just one point of contact who manages the entire process.

Leadership Assessment

Will people fit, stay and grow?

Our Leadership Consultants look at the strategic challenges facing the business and the role, as well as the culture of the existing team. They use a number of psychometric tools combined with an in-depth interview to assess individuals who may be joining your business, or those internal candidates who may be ready for promotion. Will they fit the existing team and do they have the potential to add more value in the future are two critical questions that are focused on.

Executive Referencing

Hiring a candidate whose actual record of performance is later revealed through digital media or professional networks can cause not only the embarrassment to the hiring company but also real damage if the executive fails to perform or “fit” into the new culture. And both can impact shareholder value. Our Leadership Consultants will interview 5-7 references per candidate to provide an independent view of an individual.

We are flexible and adapt our approach to suit your business rather than prescribe a solution to ‘fix’ it’

Board Reviews (Executive and NED)

Given the board’s key role in setting the strategic vision of the organisation and monitoring of management, small improvements in the board’s performance can have a profoundly positive impact on the effectiveness of the organisation. Using methods such as silent observation of a board meeting, structured one-on-one interviews and 360-degree tools to gather anonymous feedback, our Leadership Consulting practice can identify any current issues within a Board and provide recommendations to improve alignment.

Succession Planning

Are you prepared to fill critical roles that are created by retirement or unexpected departures?

The Leadership Consulting practice can help you identify and develop internal candidates for the most executive roles to ensure the business stays competitive.

Top Team Effectiveness

Is your Top Team working as effectively as possible? Are there dynamics or challenges that need attention? Mckinsey says ‘Determining the membership of a top team is the CEO’s responsibility—and frequently the most powerful lever to shape a team’s performance.’ Our Leadership Consulting practice help optimises team performance by looking at the team both individually and collectively to ensure they are making as strong an impact as possible.

We work with our clients to provide support for your Leadership issues


Our Onboarding service takes over when the executive search process ends. By using the assessment results from earlier in the process, combined with a number of references, we give feedback and coaching to ensure your new hire makes an impact as quickly as possible. It is recommended for external hires and internal promotions. It is also possible to use data provided by the business to create bespoke 100-day plans designed to suit the individual and business’s needs.

Executive Coaching

Bespoke, highly personalised coaching sessions designed to stretch and challenge the individual to attain their very best as people leaders and commercial leaders. World class coaching models along with deep commercial nouse make our coaching provision one of the best in the marketplace. The phrase ‘ be all you can be’ is epitomised in our coaching offer.


Confidential mentoring that encourages creative strategic thinking in a safe environment supported by experienced business mentors give the edge to today’s business person. Having a confidant to discuss those trying, difficult people and situations with reduces stress and supports the very best in business practice. It’s not always easy at the top and it can certainly be lonely! We can provide executive support, challenge and discussion to get to the right solutions faster and with less error of judgement.


We can helicopter in experts in their field to work with you on specific solutions for your business. Getting the best people who have no internal politics or baggage will give a clear advantage to those businesses brave enough to put themselves under the microscope. If you want to know if you have a ‘healthy’ business model and approach, we can help. Contact our team today to get started – 0207 316 3146.