When it comes to leading and managing change within a business, it can be challenging to motivate your employees to accept and evolve with the new things you’re trying to implement. As the leader of a business you need to find strategies which will help you to take ownership of the change you want to see happen within your business, and empower the staff beneath you to successfully implement the change. Below we look at some key steps you must take so that you can drive change within your business. 

Change is positive

Einstein famously said that the definition of insanity was ‘doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results’. For your business to grow and continue to succeed as the industry develops, you need to encourage change within your business. From an everyday focus on continuous improvement to a larger change such as new company handbook rules, or the implementation of a new MIS system, as the leader of a business you should always be looking for ways to improve and develop the activity of your company. The more you can explain and demonstrate the positive outcomes of the change you’re trying to implement, the easier it will be to inspire your team to support you.

Plan to succeed

Every change should be planned, giving yourself realistic timeframes in which to evolve certain working practices or behaviours. Your team must be empowered with knowledge and supported to drive the change you want to see throughout the business. After your roll out and implementation phase, you should also plan to review how successful the change has been and whether it has produced the results for the business you were hoping for.

Communicate clearly

If you fail to communicate to the managers and wider team what your expectation is of them throughout this period of change, they could unfairly feel they’re being left behind. This will not only demotivate people but could also negatively impact the culture of your business as some feel ‘in the know’ and others feel left out. Be clear in all communication about the change you’re planning to make and most importantly why you’re planning to make it. Your managers will be questioned by other people in the business, but by having the right information they’ll be able to support and drive change at every level.

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