On the 31st October, Boris Johnson confirmed that a second national lockdown will take place in the UK, forcing non-essential businesses to close until December 2nd. This announcement has been a significant blow for UK businesses, with many retail executives being thrown into a state of panic. It is possible, however, for retail executives in the UK to benefit from the second lockdown. Here’s how…

1. Further retail executive training and development

In times of uncertainty, employees in the retail industry will look to their leaders to be a pillar of strength and stability. Retail executive coaching can give you the skills and techniques you need to develop your leadership skills and guide your employees through this unprecedented time. Your business operations may slow down during the second lockdown and retail executive training will ensure you utilise any free time you gain in the most efficient and effective way possible.

2. Refresh your workforce

If you own a company and need to take on new talent to help you cope with new challenges during lockdown, such as taking your services exclusively online, leadership consulting can help you find the right employees either internally or externally to help your company adapt to new challenges. Instead of panic hiring during lockdown, leadership consulting will help you fill positions within your company that will truly benefit your employees in the long term.

3. Complete workplace projects

Retail executives can utilise the second UK lockdown to complete workplace projects, e.g. installing energy-saving devices such as solar panels on their buildings or refurbishing offices. While the majority of employees in the UK will be working from home, business executives can use this time to complete projects without causing disruption to their workforce.

4. Take a new career step

Many retail executives have used the COVID-19 pandemic to reflect on their careers and reconsider what areas of their job role are important to them. If you find yourself reflecting on your job role during the lockdown period and think you are ready for a new career challenge, you may wish to consider retail interim executive services which can connect you with new opportunities during the lockdown.

If you are interested in retail executive training or wish to use or apply for executive retail talent search services, do not hesitate to get in touch with Anthony Gregg today. We can help retail executives utilise the second UK lockdown to their best advantage.