As the leader of a business, you need to gain the respect and trust of the people you are leading in order to effectively coordinate your team and achieve your company’s objectives. One of the most important characteristics you’ll want to portray is that you have integrity, demonstrating a sense of fairness and justice to your employees. 

What does showing integrity require?

To show integrity you must have your values, actions, principles, methods and expected outcomes totally in alignment so that you consistently demonstrate your commitment to the cause you represent. By consistently demonstrating small actions and behaviors that are aligned with the objectives you’re trying to lead your company to achieve, you will inspire your team to follow your vision.

Below we discuss a couple of behaviors that leaders with integrity often demonstrate, to serve as a working guide as your work to drive the strategic direction of your business.

Take responsibility

When things don’t go to plan or people don’t live up to the expectation or responsibility you’ve placed on them, the way to demonstrate your integrity is to stick to your values when addressing the situation.

If for example, a value of your company is to be adaptable, you could tackle the lack of success by thinking of alternative solutions, rather than accepting the excuse that the plan failed, or that the individuals involved didn’t achieve the objective.

As the leader, take responsibility for the part you played in the task and help your team to understand taking responsibility and learning from the experience is not an exercise in pointing the finger, but the most effective way to grow.

Give without expecting in return

By giving without expecting anything in return, you will set a standard within your company for sharing and supporting colleagues freely. Whether it’s your time, expertise, support on a project or a coffee – by giving help and effort to your team, without expecting anything in return, you will gain the widespread respect of people you’re managing. You will be considered someone who is genuine in their commitment to the company and its employees, and this will inspire others around you to follow your lead.

If you’re looking for your next strategic leadership role, or you’re currently looking to grow your senior management team with individuals who will lead with integrity, contact Anthony Gregg to discuss your requirements.

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