Andrew Carnegie, a respected 19th-century business magnate and philanthropist, is often quoted for his wisdom on leadership. He once said that leadership is more about impact and influence than titles and designation. If we are calling a spade a spade, it would be fair to say that most leaders today have lost it. The desire to have titles and positions has overshadowed the desire to impact and inspire change. The ultimate aim of a high impact leader should be to set the bar too high so that those who are under them keep on trying harder. 

Psychological leadership is more impactful

According to the HuffPost, “psychological safety” is a term that has gained wide use in the corporate world. The use of psychology as the driving power behind leadership has been proven to be more effective than using intimidation. The term “psychological safety” simply refers to creating a work environment that fosters confidence among employees. Research completed by Applied Workplace shows that empowerment at the office increases productivity by up to 30%. On the contrary, intimidation and threats can diminish employee performance.

Impacting the corporate world

Being a leader at the top level requires more than toughness. Internal toughness is important but externally, character matters more. The impact you have on your organisation will be drawn from the strategies you implement to get the rest of the organisation behind your vision. Infographic data published by Forbes magazine shows that employees who do not buy into the vision of the company have an average production rate of 16%. On the contrary, employees who buy the vision of the company have an average production rate of 68%.

Decision-making ability

While it is paramount to get everyone on board with your vision, you should be prepared to face tough situations. Most leaders find it easier to follow the dictatorial path and have nobody standing in their way. However, this is a strategy that fails more than it succeeds. Dictatorial leadership only serves to instil fear. To be impactful, you do not want employees who are afraid of you. Instead, you want employees who respect you. Therefore, strong decision-making skills will determine how much respect you get.

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